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Water Safety


What colour should your swimming costume be?

In water colours either stand out or disappear when the water is moving. This could be vary dangerous in a pool,  if you are wearing one of the colours that disappear the life guard may not be able to see you clearly underwater so may not see you if you are struggling. click on the image to see what colours are good to ware and how they look under disturbed water..

What you should do in water to remain safe?

In a body of water (either a pool, river, lake, etc) you should always try to remain safe. You can do this by being with a group of people (friends or buddies), make sure that you have the correct equipment and follow the pool/beach rules. If you are ever found in difficulty in water you should float and call for help, if you had brought your buddies with you they can call 999 or lifeguards to help you. You should NEVER try to rescue someone from danger as you could get in difficulty too!

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