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Join the team!

We have been so fortunate to have had the wonderful support of Duke of Edinburgh and work- experience students over the years who provide essential one to one and small group support. Most of our volunteers stay far longer than their required three or six month placement, and many have gone on to qualify as swimming instructors or lifeguards as a result. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain and improve vital skills in communication, leadership, special needs & disability, life-saving and much more.

A full training package is available and for those looking towards a career in leisure, the STA Aquatic Helper Certificate and Swim England Helper Award is now being offered with full mentoring.

We also take on adult volunteers from a range of backgrounds and experiences, particularly those with SEN and disabilities themselves.

Placement availability is always growing as our classes expand. Please use the guide below before completing an application form. Booking is allocated in one or two hour slots. 

Click the image for an application form.

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Meet Owen

"Hi I am Owen, I am a volunteer here at bubbles and I thoroughly enjoy my time helping Kate and the other teachers while gaining work experience that will really help my future. At bubbles I put equipment out and put it back at the end of the lesson, but my favourite thing is the teaching. The teaching is amazing, you get to watch a person go from strength to strength with their swimming technique, stamina and watch them grow up. When you have been doing it for a long time like me you can watch a person not being able to swim to and be in the smallest pool be able to now swim lots of lengths in the lane pool. It is a really fun and rewarding part of my week and I always look forward to it. Doing this volunteering I have completed both my aquatic helpers certificate and my swim England helper award which will help me when I now want to become a qualified swimming teacher for bubbles when I turn 16."

Owen, 2nd year volunteer

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