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Interventions to suit your individual needs

This pathway is best suited to those swimmers either at the beginning of their journey or those struggling to find the right fit. Following an initial consultation, a pathway will be identified in one of the following areas;


  • Halliwick Concept Approach

  • Adapted Swim England Progression one to one

  • Implementation of hydrotherapy plans

  • The Adult Aquaphobia Programme

Swimmers usually; have had unsuccessful experiences in group sessions; require significant physical support and individual personal care due to disabilities; have been risk-assessed as being unsafe in a group environment; or have a phobic response to water.

Tuition is provided on a one to one bases, with sole use of the pool as appropriate.

Sessions hosted at Maidstone Leisure Centre cost £13.95 each.

At home or alternative venues may be used on a case by case basis.

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