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Learn to Swim Academy

Our Learn to Swim pathway provides small groups, including our Parent & Child Classes for Under 5s, that link closely to the mainstream offer available at Maidstone Leisure Centre. Swimmers are grouped by best learning and social dynamic, with a stage range of two to three levels. This mixed-ability approach has proved extremely successful in promoting safe and confident swimmers, who benefit from peer encouragement and example. Swimmers may be referred from the mainstream groups, joining us mid-term, and there are regular assessment opportunities to encourage successful reintegration. There are small and larger group sizes for each stage to cater to individual needs, and provide a stepping stone back towards mainstream where appropriate.

Swimmer's risk assessments are regularly reviewed to ensure placements are safe and progressive.

Swimmers may begin in the Parent & Child or transitional groups- where swimmers are encouraged to gain independence from carers and support is provided by volunteers or staff. Ducklings and "I Can Awards" are achieved with the potential to complete Stage 1 also before moving into the main groups.

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The majority of our swimmers attend our club sessions, running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

These groups follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway, with Alpha Steps and Water Skills awards (natural progressions from Halliwick Concept) are used to bridge gaps in development as necessary. 


In contrast to the mainstream provision, our sessions last longer, following an initial enrolment phase, to accommodate for social and emotional needs and additional breaks that may be required for attention or physical needs. Most groups have a team of volunteers to provide additional learning and personal care, and a focus on confidence and safety is principal.


Swimmers may be internally promoted through the stages, or reintegrated into appropriate groups within the leisure centre scheme.

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